Rhetorical Analysis Of Jeffrey Bosworth Speech 'Hunting For Hope In Modern America'

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There’s still hope for the Millennials even though they have a lot to fix with this country. Bosworth argues that even though millennials are “screwed” starting their life that there is still hope for them to be successful. He talks about how the government is already in debt, how the school systems are failing and how government officials can’t agree on anything. The United States has a very poor educational system for K-12th grade but, the coming generations are becoming more technologically inclined then passed generations. Bosworth speaks very informally throughout the speech making him more relatable to by younger people who often talk informally. By using examples to help the reader visualize it appeals to there sense of always needing a image. In Jeffrey Bosworth speech “Hunting for Hope in Modern America” he very successfully uses informal language, descriptive examples and logos to appeal to the millennial generation very well. Obviously, Bosworth’s speech isn’t a formal speech by no means but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get the point across. He uses very “laid back” language…show more content…
He also explains how America was messed up even before the millennia generation such as being in debt, falling school system, and being divided in our nation. By giving facts he is telling this generation that they need run there life a certain way to fix this. Every millinails wants to know details why something is the way it is. Including facts helps the millions really see how bad they have it ahead of them kinda makig them scared but then he talked about what millienilas are doing right rasing there self a steam. Throughout his speak he is speaking in a way to convince them kinda like a sales pictch that they need to fix America starting by being successful at his
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