Jeffrey Bosworth Hunting For Hope In Modern America Rhetorical Analysis

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According to Professor Jeffrey Bosworth, in his editorial “Hunting for Hope in Modern America,” he discusses the “screwed” millennial generation and the potential they have to be successful, despite current existing United States problems. Bosworth explains this from three different perspectives: the current issues in America, the positive attributes of the millennial generation, and what the millennial generation should do to succeed. In Bosworth’s opening proposition he elucidates the “[millennial] generation is screwed”. He expounds the millennial generation is predicted to “do worse than the previous generation”. Bosworth shows current issues in American by discussing how the United States is rising in debt and accumulating taxes are waiting to be taken care of by millennials. Furthermore, politicians are more divided and when election season comes around there is no positive outcome in either political party. He includes information on the decreasing…show more content…
He praises the students decision on attending college and truly believes it will benefit them. He explains how all students are required to take General Education classes, and that students should take advantage of the opportunities and information available. Bosworth advises to explore and be adventurous of the world seeing what it has to offer and everything a person can learn. He explains receiving a degree is not the end of learning, but only the beginning. Using what is learned to grasp further skills will push the millennial generation very far in life. With this in mind, Bosworth informs the students of the extreme competition in the workforce. Therefore, to gain knowledge of the rest of the world, he recommends studying abroad. Bosworth concludes by clarifying that every faculty member involved in the institution is to help students succeed. However, the students must put in the effort to succeed
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