Jeffrey D. Sachs's Common Wealth

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Common Wealth is an outstanding book written by Jeffrey D. Sachs published in 2009. Sachs has been on of the youngest professor at Harvard University, and is currently the director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University. His impressive career has made him one of the most important scholars in the world. Therefore, his book is for young students an impressive source of inspiration and a tool to understand the current economic and political situation. In his second Chapter titled, ”Our Crowded Planet”, Sachs gives a summary of his book. Especially, he divides his idea in six points. First, he states that humanity is gradually getting richer in terms of income per person. Second, he highlights that because the world population will continue to increase the global economy will grow exponentially. Third, he suggest that income will rise more in Asia, so people should look a those markets in order to crate successful businesses. Fourth, he affirms that today the human kind has become a, “urban-based society.” Fifth, he denounces that human have changed fundamental natural processes on the global scale, and the economy must be drastically reshaped in order to become more sustainable. Sixth, the difference between the richest country and poorest country is widening to unimaginable proportions. This book gives to people some truly interesting thoughts on the economic future. Sachs gives a deep and interesting analysis on the ongoing mutation of the economy. He predicts that
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