Jeffrey Dahmer

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Jeffrey Dahmer orfan, murderer, cannibal, sex offender. A man with a tragic back story turned evil. A loner at school, who got picked on and had a sick way to have fun. As he got older he became more fascinated with dead bodies of different animals and seeing what would happen to them after a period of time. While he was one of the most know serial killers , he 's a cannibal, he kept the victims heads in the freezer and kept there skulls, poured acid in their heads to see what would happen, and dismembered their bodies after torching them. Jeffrey Dahmer was born in Milwaukee, May 21, 1960 It was just him and his parents. When he turned six he had to get a double hernia removed after that he was never the same. He thought it was odd, people …show more content…

After he got accepted, he became dependent on alcohol and started to drink more than study. After the first semester he dropped out and moved back to live with his father and step mother. He soon became too much for them and made him enlist in the Army. He left for the military, he became dependent on the alcohol, but much worse than the last time. He got sent back to the states and was not a loud back into the military again. After he got back his father told him that he needed to move out and live with his …show more content…

Steven Toumi was his second victim, Dahmer was at a local gay bar where he met Toumi. He asked to go to a hotel with him to have more drinks and do drugs. Toumi followed him back, the two drank, Dahmer doesn 't recall killing Toumi, all he remembers was that he passed out and woke up to Toumi’s dead body lying beside him. Dahmer had a large suitcase and dismembered Toumi’s body and put it the suitcase and dragged him to the basement of his grandmother’s house and put his genitals, heart in jars and put the head in the freezer. After Dahmer killed more and more men and consuming their bodies, Dahmer lived his average day live without anyone knowing his secret. After a while the police began to notice that more and more men were disappearing and no one knew where they went. A man came running out of Dahmer’s apartment and the neighbors called the police. When the police arrived Dahmer was trying to calm him down, They asked what was going on, “just a spouse argument” says Dahmer. The police got into there car and drove off. Dahmer grabbed the man and dragged him back into the house. After that no one ever seen him

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