Jeffrey Dahmer: Forensic Psychology

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Do you yearn to get into the deranged minds of criminals like the infamous Jeffrey Dahmer? When you become a highly trained doctor of forensic psychology, you get to do the job of the hit T.V show characters Dr. Huang from Law & Order: SVU and Dr. Reid from Criminal Minds. Police, judges, juries, and lawyers are all unable to determine if felons are mentally insane or fit for trial, nor are they able to counsel victims. However, the recently sought-after study of forensic psychology is able to consolidate the divide between legal matters and the mental processes of these criminals. Become part of a field that is recognized as one of the most undeniably important parts of today 's legal system by becoming a forensic psychologist (Watchel). In…show more content…
Dahmer is known to engage in sexual activities with the corpses and save body parts as trophies. When he is finally caught and arrested, he attends his trial. Dahmer 's plea stating he is not guilty be reason of insanity would be denied, however ( Editors). Though the psychologist in this case has lost against the prosecution, many believe that the decision to put him in a more monitored prison is made strictly out of fear. As a forensic psychologist, you will be able to get into Dahmer 's mind and decide for yourself if he is insane. Is he a deranged lunatic or just a malicious soul? Are we safe from psychopaths like Jeffrey Dahmer, or do we, along with our children and families, have to live in constant fear? As a forensic psychologist, you are able to help relieve the public from the fear they are walking amongst lunatics. It is extremely important to understand that physical evidence from a crime scene does not define someone as a person. Because of the inability of judges, police, and lawyers to fully understand motives of criminals, forensic psychologists are increasingly called upon in recent years (Wachtel). The wellbeing of society is calling; will you pick up the
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