Jeffrey Dahmer's Aggressive Behavior

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He took up a unique hobby: killing small animals, skinning them, and scraping off their flesh with acid. In a backyard shed, he displayed his collection of squirrel and chipmunk skeletons. He also created his own, private pet cemetery at the side of his house. Sometimes he didn’t bury the bodies. Instead , he staked them into trees. Starved for attention, he resorted to desperate acts. Though he did well in high school, his behavior was often bizarre. He would emit sheep like cry during class and collapse in the hallways in mock-epileptic fits. When the high school honor roll society assembled for its yearbook portrait, Dahmer sneaked into the picture. The prank was not discovered until the photograph was developed. The editor was so outraged that he took a Magic Marker and blotted…show more content…
Jeffrey Dahmer’s career of carnage had begun when he was eighteen years old. He tried college for a while, but dropped out of the Ohio State University after only a few months and enlisted in the army. To his buddies, he seemed like a “regular guy” until he began to drink. Then a very different Jeffrey Dahmer emerged: moody, aggressive, defiant. Though he had enlisted for six years, the army discharged him after two. He went to live with his grandmother in West Allis, near Milwaukee, getting a job in a blood bank. In 1985, he went to work at the Ambrosia Chocolate Company as a general laborer. That same year, he began hanging out at a local gay bar. One night, he and a pickup out a room at the Ambassador Hotel and stayed with a guy he met at the bar. The two men got drunk, had sex, passed out. When Dahmer awoke the next morning, the other man was dead, blood dripping from his mouth. Dahmer went to a nearby shopping mall and purchased a suitcase, which he took back to the hotel room. After stuffing the corpse inside, he called a cab and transported the body back to his grandmother’s house, where he dismembered and disposed of

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