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As I study the responsibility of a homicide detective, I realize that the job is more overwhelming than I initially thought. If I had to run across sinister cases equivalent to the Jeffrey Dahmer case, I can sincerely say that I would lose every part of my mind. Today, I will be educating the class on the Jeffrey Dahmer case. Planning to go in depth with my findings, I have come to the conclusion that it would be best if I went into detail about how Dahmer murdered his victims. There will be graphic pictures of the deceased victims in the paper also. I really enjoyed writing this paper and hope you enjoy listening.Jeffrey was born at 4:34 pm on May 21, 1960 at the Evangelical Deaconess Hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His mother endured …show more content…

During investigation, Tracy Edwards, claimed that some “peculiar dude” had drugged him and kept him away in his apartment. Edwards pointed police in the direction of the apartment in which he was locked away in and you will not believe it, it was Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment. If Tracy Edwards had not have escaped I truly believe he would have been Dahmer’s eighteenth victim. Jeffrey Dahmer, labeled the most notorious serial killer of all time, not only committed heinous murders without legitimate reasoning, He gained the trust of his victims only to rape, sodomize, murder, dismember, and eat them. There was a vast similarity between each death of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims. The first two murders, Steven Hicks and Steven Tuomi, were almost ten years apart. He dismembered both bodies, advertently knowing that within 2 ½ months the torture of each man he crossed paths with could potentially become his next victim. In March of 1988, he met Richard Guerrero, who was twenty-three years old. After having oral sex with Richard, he laced his drink with sleeping pills, which made him involuntarily intoxicated and strangled him to death. Anthony Sears, who had become Dahmer’s next victim approximately one year and one day after his last killing, strangled to death before dismemberment. Jeffrey castrated Anthony Sears and kept his genitals as trophies, he then painted the skull gray. His next victim, who later identified as Raymond Smith, also strangled to death. After strangling Smith, Jeffrey engaged in oral sex with his corpse, dismembered his body, removed his head and painted it gray. On May 24, 1990, Jeffrey met Eddie Smith. Eddie was enticed into Jeffrey’s refuge where he was drugged, strangled then dismembered. The remains of Eddie Smith were placed

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