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Jeffrey Dahmer Jeffrey Dahmer is known throughout history to be one of the most infamous serial sex offender and murder of the 1970’s. Jeffrey is also referred to as the “Milwaukee Cannibal”, “between the years of 1978 and 1991 Dahmer raped, murdered, and dismembered seventeen boys and men” (Tithecott, 1997). Dahmer was very fascinated with the skeletal structure of his victims, he would preserve his later victims body parts along with taking part in necrophilic tendencies and cannibalism. Wisconsin is where Jeffrey grew up with both his parents and younger brother David, his “father was a chemical engineer and his mother suffered from hysteria, depression, suicidal ideation, and psychosomatic illnesses” (Tithecott, 1997) (in other words she strived for others attention). In Jeffrey’s mother’s effort to strive for others attention especially for her …show more content…

Not being able to deal with being alone or feeling abandon and wanting to feel control Jeffrey sexually abused the young boy and murdered him. Simply in looking for a companion sixteen other young boys were murdered in this seek for happiness. Jeffrey stated “that all of their deaths were accidents, he tried to turn the boys into his own personal zombies” (Tithecott, 1997). How he went about doing this was he “gave the boy’s a sleeping regiment and once they fell asleep he drilled a hole in the side of their heads and injected acid into their brains” (Tithecott, 1997). His idea/ goal by doing this was again to have complete control in the relationship, but in doing so the plan failed and he killed all the boys. Wanting to feel wanted and never alone Jeffrey started to photograph, consume, and save his victims body parts; “he didn’t hate his victims, he hated how he was attracted to them” (Tithecott, 1997). By killing them it was like he was killing apart of himself that he

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