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The life and crimes of Jeffrey Dahmer.

Jeffrey Dahmer, a name synonymous with murderer, rapist, and cannibal in American society. The twenty year old man who slaughtered at least eighteen young men and boys in his grandmother’s home has a left a horrifying mark on this world. Yet, many may be surprised to learn more about the killer’s background, motives, and victims. Born 1960 in Milwaukee, Jeff grew up a relatively normal life on his parent’s farm. Jeff enjoyed his weekly treat at the soda shop and roaming the fields near home with his dog Frisky (Chin, 38). However, by the time he was six, young Dahmer changed in to a shy, sullen child (Chin, 38). As Dahmer entered his high school years, he developed a heavy drinking habit, to the point where one schoolmate described Jeff as constantly smelling of whiskey. Along with his addiction to the bottle, Jeff stated that he had developed “obsessive thoughts of violence intermingled with sex …show more content…

After picking up hitchhiker Steven Hicks, Dahmer lured the youth into his home and bludgeoned him with a dumbell (Mendoza 1). Unfortunately, this killing was the first of many. After a brief stint moving to San Antonio, Jeff was forced to move in to his grandmother’s house back in Milwaukee where the murders continued. Dahmer had developed a masterful technique for murder, where he would pick up a partner at local gay bars, bring them back to his grandmother’s apartment, and then proceed to assault and murder his victims, often in sexually perverse ways. One of the survivors of these attacks, recalls that he saw a mattress stained with dried blood and a knife with a blue plastic handle, which immediately let him know that something was wrong (Mathews and Stevens, 44). Survivors of his attacks described vile scenes of boiled bones, defiled corpses, and skulls used as

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