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Jeffrey Dahmer
As one of the most notorious serial killers in US history, Jeffrey Dahmer was a very sick and delusional individual who lived out his fantasies on his prey. Before he went on trial, he had pleaded guilty but insane. (I carried it 1). Dahmer had told police that he wanted a sex slave which was completely compliant, and zombie-like so they could not leave him. In around sixty or more hours, Dahmer had explained that he “wasn’t into torture.” This was not a hate thing. This thing had no racism. This was not a homosexual thing.” (I carried it 2).
He sugar coated the crimes he did when he was telling his story to the police so they did not sound as horrific as they actually were. He explained to the officials that he drugged the victims to satisfy his need for a not fully cooperative sexual partner. The drilling was not sadistic. He drilled in attempt to disable, but not to kill. Dahmer claims to have only dismembered his victims so they would be easier to dispose of. (I carried it 2). Even though Jeffrey Dahmer was accused of consuming various body parts of his victims, an …show more content…

He was a white male and even quite intelligent. Dahmer had been through many hardships and struggles as he grew up. For most of his lifetime, he spent living in his grandmother’s home. His father stated that Dahmer had been sexually abused by a male neighbor when he was only eight years old. He was a poor and special student as a child. He felt this sense of loneliness and longed to feel important. Once, Dahmer even snuck into the background of a yearbook picture so he could at least feel included in something. When he was older, he joined the army, but he was soon kicked out due to his abuse of alcohol. Afterwards, he was sent back to his hometown where he was put on a year’s probation in 1986 for exposing himself to two male minors. (Matthews and Springen

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