Jeffrey Dahmer The Milwaukee Cannibal

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The Milwaukee Cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer, an interesting name people know too little but should know more about. He was born on May 21, 1960 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He lived a happy childhood until undergoing a surgery correcting a double hernia. After the surgery, he had seemed to change as a whole. He became more independent, secluded, and he was lacking self-confidence. As he grew up, he changed more and more. In high school he lost interest in activities he once enjoyed doing, became disengaged from the community, and found an odd fascination with dead animals. His parents noticed his odd behavior, but didn’t focus much into it. He also developed a drinking problem and smoked weed occasionally (“Jeffrey Dahmer Biography”). The older Dahmer…show more content…
Jeffrey had a sick mind: an obsession with dead things, necrophobia (attractive or sex with dead things) towards other homosexuals, and the strong desire to have his victims become ‘a part of him’. Steven W. Tuomi, the second victim, was taken back to a hotel where him and Dahmer proceeded to get drunk (Jeffrey Dahmer). The murderer woke up the next morning noticing the victim was dead. He cannot recall doing anything to the man, but assumes he did. With this victim, he transported his body back to his grandmother’s house in a suitcase and disposed of it the way he did with the first victim. Nine years passed until he struck his third victim and now he had his own apartment. This was the peak of Dahmer’s murders; he lied to random men, manipulating them into going back to Dahmer’s place. After convincing them to come over, he would drug them and strangle them to death. Once they were officially dead, he would molest the dead corpses before slicing body parts and then keep them in a freezer. He kept skulls, genitals, flesh, and different organs. He claimed in an interview that he didn’t exactly desire to murder people. He would try to turn his victims into ‘zombies’ by injecting substances into their brain or performing illegal lobotomies, but it often resulted in them dying which was why he kept their body parts instead. Jeffrey did these sadistic things so he could have his victims become a ‘part of…show more content…
He tried convincing the court that he was guilty by virtue of insanity. He tried proving that only someone insane could commit such terrible acts, but the jury refused to believe him. They said that he was well aware of the evil things he was doing and chose to do it anyway. Once in prison, Dahmer was isolated. He proved that he could finally be put with other inmates, and this is where his life went downhill (more than it already did). He was in a cell with a schzoperhnic African American man named Christopher Scarver who was convicted for murder. Within twenty minutes Scarver murdered Dahmer by crushing his skull and claimed he deserved to die (Jeffrey Dahmer Biography). This was the end of Jeffrey Dahmer’s existence, but his name still lives on for his nasty crimes that he has committed. In conclusion, Jeffrey Dahmer is one of the most notorious serial killers in history; whose life went in a downhill spiral with the start of alcohol consumption, being arrested a numerous amount of times, and ending in seventeen horrifying murders. A man who was disgustingly obsessed with dead things, necrophelia, and the strong urge to make homosexual men he found attractive a ‘part of him’. He’s filled with bad decisions that could have easily been avoided, but his ambition took
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