Jeffrey Hayberry Bezos Case Study

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ABSTRACT Jeffrey Preston Bezos was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico on January 12, 1964. Jeff Bezos is an inspired entrepreneur because he founded the world biggest online shopping center which is The company start as an Internet wholesaler of books and develop to a wide variety of products and services, most currently video and audio streaming. It is currently the world's largest Internet sales online company, as well as the world's largest provider of cloud infrastructure services via its Amazon Web Services arm. BACKGROUND OF AN ENTREPRENEUR Jeffrey Preston Bezos is an American technology entrepreneur, shareholder, and businessman, as known as the founder, chairman, and chief executive officer (CEO) of Amazon, the world's largest…show more content…
He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Princeton University in 1986. Bezos had an early affection of computers and studied electrical engineering and computer science at Princeton University. After Bezos graduate, he worked on Wall Street, and he became the youngest senior vice president at the investment firm D.E. Shaw in 1990. Bezos met his wife, Mackenzie, while he was working and became the company's youngest viced president in 1990. BUSINESS PROFILE OF AN ENTREPRENEUR On July 6, 1994 Jeffrey Preston Bezos founded Amazon, after making a drive crossing a country from New York to Seattle, writing up its business idea on his way. Early presentations of the company were builded in Bezos' garaged in Seattle. Bezos originally incorporated the company with the name Cadabra, Inc. Bezos changed the name to, Inc. a few months afterwards, after a lawyer misheard its original name as "cadaver”. Bezos chose the name "Amazon" because its start with the first letter of the alphabet. Bezos set up the office for his beginning of his company in his garage where, along with a few employees, he began creating software. They develop operations into a two-bedroom house, provided with three Sun Microstations, and finally developed a…show more content…
Jeff Bezos, 54, founder and CEO of Amzon Inc. and owner of “The Washington Post”, is the recipient of this year’s Axel Springer Award. He also received an award for which is NRF's "Retailer Of The Year" Award. Bezos was grant an honorary doctorate in Science and Technology from Carnegie Mellon University in 2008. He was also picked by U.S. News & World Report as one of America’s bested leaders. The Economist gave Bezos and Gregg Zehr an Innovation Award for the Amazon Kindle in 2011. After a year, he was named Businessperson of The Year by Fortune. The National Retail Federation named Amazon as the top retailer of the year, and awarded him the Gold Medal Award, given to an individual who has performed the industry with variance on December 2012. Jeff Bezos has collected many honors for his accomplishments in online ecommerce, including being chosen as Time's 1999 Person of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year award, and America's Best Leaders from U.S. News and World Report. Amazon Studios, the distributor for Manchester by the Sea and The Salesman, won three Academy Awards. Amazon won its first Emmys in 2015, with five awards for it's the original series Transparent. Now that Amazon has won its first Oscars, the company appears primed to receive an even higher profile in Hollywood and the entertainment business as

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