Three Young Men Make A Promise And Fulfill A Dream By Michael Jeffrey Jordan

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Michael Jeffrey Jordan is the most amazing basketball players of all time and he is so incredible because he was determined to be great. He once said “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen”. He worked on anything he could whether it was his jump shot, defense, or ball handling he worked on something. His determination to win and beat people that are called great was his driving force for his success. To succeed you must have determination because if you are not determined you would not be able to get passed an obstacle in your way. If you want to succeed in college you have to be unwavering when faced with obstacles. Determination is something college students need to succeed and we are given multiple…show more content…
Sampson Davis. He, along with his friends Drs. George Jenkins, and Rameck Hunt, wrote the book The Pact: Three Young Men Make a Promise and Fulfill a dream describing their struggle of doing the right thing in their lives, but banded together and made the promise that they will all go to Seaton Hall University and become doctors. Davis is the focus because in a specific chapter he addresses his determination and his struggles. He believes that determination is focusing on a desired goal and that that it is the first step to a successful end (221). Then he starts to talk about how he felt “desperate to change his life” and that “going to college and medical school with friends was the way to do it” (221). He then admits that he felt like there were times that he wanted to give up but he had the discipline to keep up his determination (221). He has felt the way many students feel in college when they realize it takes so much out of you. He also mentions that he fail the state board exam and that “the light in the tunnel disappeared” (222). In the end it work out for him, he became a doctor and is working at the same hospital, Beth Israel Medical Center, he was born in (220). If more students have as much determination as Davis has then there would be more doctors in the world. Davis had the resolve to stick with college and medical school and proves that no matter where you come from you can succeed with the right

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