Jeffrey Macdonald: The Green Beret Killer

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Jeffrey Robert MacDonald, born on October 12, 1943 in Jamaica, New York, and is still living today at the age of 72 years old is known as “The Green Beret Killer”. His parents were Robert and Dorothy MacDonald, and he was the second of their three children. He had an older brother named Jay, and a younger sister named Judy. Jeffrey is most recognizable by his perfectly straight teeth and his stunningly bright blue eyes. Jeffrey MacDonald was raised in Long Island, where he also attended high school at Patchogue High School. He had a successful high school career; captain of the football team, Senior Class President, and voted “most likely to succeed” and “most popular” by his classmates. In an interview of Dorothy MacDonald, she described how…show more content…
Kimberly was found in her bed with a head injury and eight to ten stab wounds from a knife. Kristen was also found in her own bed with a head injury, stabbed with a knife about thirty- three times, and stabbed with an icepick fifteen times. Colette was found on the floor next to her bed wearing nothing but a torn pajama shirt. Colette had been hit in the head multiple times, was stabbed with a knife and an icepick thirty-seven times, and both of her arms were broken. On the headboard of their bed was the word “pig” written in blood. Jeffrey MacDonald was the one who called 911 reporting a “stabbing”. He was injured and unconscious, but very much alive when emergency responders arrived at the scene. MacDonald was immediately taken to the hospital where he was treated for a few scratches and bruises to his torso, a small, deep cut to his left side, and a partially collapsed left lung. He was treated and released from the hospital in just one…show more content…
He succumbed to a many days of questioning by the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division, and less than about a month later was formally convicted by the Army of the murders on May 1 of 1970. However, on June 5, 1970, Colonel Warren V. Rock requested that he hear the evidence against Jeffrey MacDonald. Once he reviewed all of the evidence and wrote a 90 page report regarding it, Colonel Warren V. Rock recommended that all the charges against MacDonald should be dropped because they were “not true” on October 13, 1970. Jeffrey MacDonald was honorably discharged from the army and returned to his home state, New York.
After he returned to New York, Jeffrey MacDonald continued his work as a doctor. He briefly worked in New York, then moved to Long Beach, and eventually moved across the country to California where he worked in the emergency

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