Jeffrey's Summer Concert-Personal Narrative

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Jeffrey sat there, patiently waiting. Waiting for that bell to ring. Finally after waiting for seven hours that day at school the bell rang. FINALLY! Jeffrey 's summer finally began. After walking home from school he enters his house. There 's his Dad standing there with his sisters with a huge smiles on there faces. Then he got the news that he was going to a Penatonix and Kelly Clarkson concert in Toronto! So the next day off they went! Jeffrey, Gloria, Lydia, and his dad to the concert. It was a long three hour drive until they finally got to the Molson Center. There dad dropped them off and headed to their hotel while Jeffrey and his sisters went inside to the concert. So they handed the women the tickets and headed inside. They took forever to get to the seats because Jeffrey had to get food! They got to there seat and found out they were the fifth row from the stage. They waited for about ten minutes until Penatonix finally came out. They danced and sang to Penatonix for about two hours, until Kelly Clarkson came out. So he had to listen to his sisters screaming for another three hours. Then there dad picked them up from the Molson Center. They stayed over night at Spring Hills hotel. Then the next day there family headed home. Then when he could finally relax his mom comes to…show more content…
They were so pooped so they headed to there camp ground for the night. They stayed there for the night in tents at the scariest place in the whole forest. Then Lydia spotted a bear! They screamed so loud it woke up everyone in the middle of the night! Then they shined there flashlights on the "bear" and realized it was just a tree. So then everyone just went back to bed and forgot about it. The next day he went sightseeing in Charlottetown. For supper that night they went to a restaraunt called fishermans lobster on the wharf. He ate a lot lobster of course because Jeffrey loves seafood! Then they went back to there campsite and stayed there for their last

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