Jehovah Witness Analysis

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As one of Jehovah Witness I have one view of people in my community, country and the world. To me they are all lost sheep and it is my job to go out and save them from this wicked world and its snares. I hold a neutral view to subjects such as politics, nationality, gender and religion. My main goal is to teach people about God’s Kingdom as the hope for mankind. Despite the many persecution I face due to my religious affiliation, I still hold a respectful view of everyone’s beliefs and values. This is why I have been able to spend hours in the field ministry, preaching, in order that all may gain knowledge of God. In doing so I wish to change the attitudes of people and in doing so changing the community and thus the world.
Firstly, the world we live in today is slowly engulfing the minds of individuals today, causing them to always putting themselves over others. But, for a second, imagine a world where everyone considered themselves inferior to others. Would it not be a wondrous paradise, where everyone would portray humility? (Philippians 2:3) A quality most seen
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Take for instance a young boy who grows up viewing his father, he follows his father’s way of dress, walk and talk. But when he stops viewing his father as a model, he starts following someone else in his community. With this said then creating a community with better role models will help to grow more well-mannered youths. Since the youths are those who will one day take over from the adults now, they should be the main priority if one wishes to change the world. Teaching youths to appreciate others culture and beliefs is a key factor in achieving this goal. By use of my education, I wish to impart the most precious gift one could give. That of knowledge. I have already started doing so in going out in my community and teaching youths and adults alike how to work along with each other to create a better world for the next
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