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Jeimy also started out in the archeological dig site center, although her notes are somewhat different from Ish-el’s. After digging through the dirt Jeimy took time to sketch quick drawings of the artifacts that they found in the tub of dirt. They are not as detailed drawings as Ishel’s nor did she draw every artifact. I understand that all students cannot draw as others, but some more time could have been spent to accurately draw the artifacts that she was observing. She then spent some time writing a quick jot about what she felt that the beads and the arrowhead were used for. She made no mention of the stick, pottery bowl, or the strips of leather. I would have liked to see more elaboration on those artifacts and what she felt they were used for.…show more content…
My anecdotal notes for Jeimy were written when she was in the map center. In the map center the students are expected to compare and contrast the maps against one another. Write about what they notice and see the differences from the maps given to our current maps today. Jeimy notices right from the start that the mas look identical to our map today, she even compares it to our classroom globe and see the same shapes of the northeastern portion of the United States.…show more content…
Since she was so interested in the maps I feel that Jeimy is more of a visual learner. I know that she was able to see that items in the archeological dig right in front of her, but she wasn’t able to see them in their everyday element. The maps were easier for her to process because she had a globe to compare it to. These thoughts were then strengthened in my video

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