Jekyll And Hyde Duality Of Man Analysis

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In the novel, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson incorporate numerous dual images to support the theme of the “duality of man”. The novel represents dual images which is quite the obvious of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Other dual images are hidden throughout the text, such as the characters and the setting of Jekyll’s house and the house in Soho to represent the “duality of man”. Throughout the novel, there is an ongoing theme of duality exchanged between Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In the novel, the two characters appear to be two separate individuals, as we read we notice that they are two different individuals living the same body. Jekyll, a successful doctor who experiments with two sides of human beings: good and bad. Stevenson’s message is clear, it is good and evil in all of us. There is a formula, a potion, can bring out the evil in anyone. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are very different individuals Jekyll is handsome and good in the eyes of the community, whereas Hyde is ugly, evil and described as “like a money” when viewed through society’s glasses. Hyde is illustrated as animalistic and deformed mainly to evoke an evil character. When the murder of Sin Danvers Crew happens, Hyde showed the symbol of evil, by beating up Mr. Crew so hard with the cane that his bones are “audibly shattered”. Dr. Jekyll tells the power of evil Mr. Hyde through a letter he wrote to Mr. Utterson, “I began to be aware of a change in the temper of my thought, a greater boldness, a
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