Jekyll And Mr Hyde Setting Analysis

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This novel by Robert Louis Stevenson has a setting that has a very important feature. We find the character Dr. Jekyll who is used to represent good while Mr. Hyde in the novel representing evil. Technically, they are the same person, but they symbolize the good and the evil that is characteristic to us (Sorensen). The setting of the novel is in London, but relies heavily on Roberts 's knowledge of his own hometown. The evil of Hyde grows as the darkness of the setting becomes clearer as demonstrated in Hyde 's house in Soho and the lab in the back of Dr. Jekyll 's house as well as the fog that covers the streets.This helps in creating the development of evil throughout the story.
The setting of the novel is most important in bringing the
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In the novel Enfield a friend to Mr. Utterson narrates to him a gruesome story of a girl who gets trampled by Mr. Hyde, he then disappears in one of the doors down the street. Surprisingly,t he reemerges as a respectable gentleman with a check as a payoff to the relatives of the young girl. Dr. Jekyll does not want to ruin his reputations since that is why he paid them off. Dr. Jekyll later writes a will transferring his property to the creature – Mr. Hyde. In fact the lab door that is highlighted in the novel matches the character of Mr. Hyde perfectly. In many ways it is described to have some similarity with Mr. Hyde secretive nature. He does not of the idea of seeing and interacting with people in his own affairs. Looking at the untidiness in the doorway is a clear indication that the different people who would come along to visit him were also not invited into this house. This lab in which the character Mr. Hyde is associated with is referred in the novel as a sinister block of buildings. (Stevenson) It is seen that there is something that is terribly off with this building. It seems deformed in a manner just like Mr. Hyde. The setting, in this case has been used successfully by the author in the presentation and the development of the character of Mr. Hyde and Jekyll. It has also been used in the development of evil throughout the novel. The presentation of the character Mr. Hyde brought out as a terrifying character to the townspeople. This is evidenced by what…show more content…
Indeed the setting in this story has played a significant role in the development of the key theme evil. The lab has been significantly used in the bringing of the two different personalities that we see in the character of Dr. Jekyll. He wants to be recognized as a respectable man in the society, however, at the same time, he wants to have the freedom away from the criticism of the society. It is from the lab that Dr. Jekyll is able to get the potion that can make him transform into a threatening creature capable of inflicting harm on its subjects. His inability to come up with the right potion to reverse his situation is what leads to his suicide. Despite the efforts to live a kind of a double life the evil sides seem to have taken control of his good side and this proves to be great damage as the officers will have to hold him responsible for the murder cases that have been reported on those London streets. All these events in the novel have been successfully achieved through the evil setting that had the concealing features that would make the characters such as Jekyll go unnoticed. It becomes challenging for Dr. Jekyll to try to live up to the two different types of characters as there is always one side that will always try to be better than the other. In this case, the evil side of the character Dr. Jekyll prevails making him commit
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