Jekyll And Mr Hyde Themes

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The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a novel that was written by author Robert Louis Stevenson and was published in the year 1886. Its story primarily centered on the investigation of the British lawyer Gabriel John Utterson on his friend Dr. Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde. Notably, the novel falls into the genre of Horror, Gothic, Thriller, Mystery, and Drama. The central themes and the underlying events that composed the novel clearly fit the taste of the 19th century public. As was discussed in the previous section, the audiences and readers in the 1800’s hungers for bloodshed, crime, deceits, and mass murders, and the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is no different from the stories of Charles Dickens and the featured real- life tragedies on the broadsides and pamphlets. Indeed, this trend and the unique appetite of the readers at the era had contributed to the factors that led Stevenson to publish his work. In detail, the novel is about Dr. Henry Jekyll who attempted to transform himself into another person. The resulting being was Edward Hyde. Dr. Jekyll had accomplished this through formulating his own recipe of potion that will enable him to become a…show more content…
Dr. Jekyll was a compassionate person, often actively supporting charity works. Overall, he is a decent and courteous man, with his world that primarily revolves within the four corners of his laboratory. Eventually, his curiosity and scientific mind had led Dr. Jekyll to devise an experiment that would enable him the power to transform him to a being that is unrecognizable from his true self. He had done this with the intent of compartmentalizing his wrongdoings and vile nature into Edward Hyde. In that case, his soul was purified from the evil that is gnawing inside him ("Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde: Analysis Of Major
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