Dr Jekyll And Hyde Character Analysis

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1.Explain a character 's problem and then offer your character advice on how to solve his/her problem.
In my opinion the biggest problem has to be the conflict between Dr.Jekyll and
Hyde. Dr.Jekyll kept addressing that he would have wanted someone that would go the extra mile. Later in the story he should have probably changed his mind. On the other hand I found that the doctor was in fact test his potions on himself which I found very odd because he should have tested the potions on rats for example, this way he would be able to see the side effect of the potions.
2.Explain how a character is acting and why you think the character is acting that way. I chose to write about Hyde, he was acting very strange. Hyde was constantly being
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Why? How does the character demonstrate this quality? In my opinion I would choose to character Utterson. He has the bravery and the will to not give up on Hyde and Dr.Jekyll even though all of the horrible things that both of them had done. Utterson still tried his best his figure out and help both of the characters through out all the bad and evil. I would like to have this feature to help me over come any obstacle that may be put in front of me in the future. Above that, to be able to not quiet on a person who in need of your help.
9. Who tells the story? Is this the best person to tell it?
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I believe that he is the best one to tell the story because he is the most involved in this case and he is the one helping Both Dr.jekyll and Mr.Hyde. Unterson tries to understand
Jekyll and to get to know who is Hyde. In my opinion I think if the story were told by another character it wouldn’t be as good.

10. How would the story be different if told through another character 's eyes?
If the story were to be told from another characters eyes I believe that the story it self wouldn’t be as good. If the story was not told by Utterson then the readers would have never know that Hyde was in fact in Dr.Jekyll’s will. We would not found this out because Utterson was the attorney and was the most invested with the case.
For this reason the mystery of the novel would not be as good if told by the eyes of another character.
11. Why do you think the author wrote this story?
In my opinion the author wrote this novel because maybe something like this was actually happing to him in his life. For example, someone could have been trying to be someone they aren’t and the outcome of this could have turned out horribly.
Another reason why I think the author wrote this book was because this book
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