Jellyfish Research Paper

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Jellyfish, aren 't they amazing creatures, but they can also cause problems too! For example, the grow more out of control each year. There’s also a known fact that the mnemiopsis jellyfish lay 40,000 eggs daily. These “Mnemiopsis jellyfish are responsible for losing millions of dollars for the local fishery industries that sell anchovies”. The overpopulating jelly fish eat the fish eggs leaving no fish for the fisherman. But there is one hero, the Bereo jellyfish. The Bereo jellyfish eat the Mnemiopsis jellyfish leng the fish come back for the fishermen. These are some known facts about the Black Sea and the jellyfish within it! Mnemiopsis may help kill the Bereo jellyfish but the scientist are worried about the Mnemiopsis jelly fish moving to new areas and overpopulating there. There has been reports of jelly fish clogging the “filters of power plants”. For example, “In the past few years, seawater filled with jellyfish clogged the filters of nuclear power plants in Japan, Israel and Scotland”. The scientist still does not know why blooms occur so the scientist are still trying to study these jellyfish.…show more content…
Jellyfish cause lots of problems like “clogging filters of power plants or sting you”. Jelly fish may be a pain in the butt but there are lovely creatures that live in this world. So, the Scientist will learn how to keep them at bay and not kill them

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