Jem As A Hero Analysis

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In the book To Kill A Mockingbird Jeremy Atticus Finch shows that he is heroic. There are numerous ways he shows this. He keeps calm when in a dangerous situation. Jem also is brave and courageous. Jem puts other first and he protects others. Those are some ways Jem is a hero. There are a lot of definitions of a hero. Jem’s characteristics are similar to the characteristics of a hero. Jem is a hero but he is a different hero then most would expect. Jem is not your normal hero. He is not like Superman or Batman. He is different he does not going around stopping bad guys. He does other stuff such as protect people from dangerous situations. What is a hero? On a hero is “a person noted for courageous acts or nobility of character.” Bill Murphy says five characteristics of a hero are courage, selflessness, humility, patience, and caring. Murphy gives examples of “Incredibly Heroic Leaders”. The person Murphy used for the word courage was Marine Cpl. Kyle Carpenter. Murphy explains how Marine Cpl. Kyle Carpenter has courage. Leonard Kravitz was used for the word selflessness. Murphy talks about how Leonard Kravitz put other before himself. Sgt. Santiago Erevia was used for the word humility. Murphy explains why Sgt. Santiago Erevia earned the Medal of Honor. Murphy used Melvin Morris for the word patience. He explains what Melvin Morris did when he was in Vietnam. Army veteran Jose Rodela was used for the word caring. Murphy explains what Jose Rodela did to earn
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