Jem Finch Dialectical Journal

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• Jem o “When we went home I told Jem we’d really have something to talk about at school on Monday. Jem turned on me. ‘Don’t say anything about it, Scout . . . I reckon if he’d wanted us to know it, he’da told us. If he was proud of it, he’da told us . . . it’s something you wouldn’t understand. Atticus is real old, but I wouldn’t care it he couldn’t do anything—I wouldn’t care if he couldn’t do a blessed thing . . . Atticus is a gentleman, just like me!’” (130-131).  Although Scout wants to brag to the whole town about Atticus’s skill in shooting, Jem realizes that since Atticus had not told them before, and tries not to bring the subject up, he probably had not wanted them to know about it. Thus, Jem tells Scout that they should respect
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