Jem Finch Injustice

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From the start of To Kill a Mockingbird to the end, Jem Finch ages from ten years old to thirteen years old, along with his age his character also alters drastically. Throughout the novel Jem faces a multitudinous amount of social and racial injustices, quite a few of these impact Jem as a result of him being the son of Atticus Finch, who at the time was the only Lawyer residing in Maycomb willing to defend a black man in court. Throughout the course of the novel Jem became proficient in adapting and handling these situations. Eventually, Jem realizes this is how harsh this world is, and steadily begins to lose innocence over the course of the novel. One of the most significant racial injustices Jem faces involves the Tom Robinson trial. Atticus…show more content…
After the trial and the death of Tom Robinson, Bob Ewell has a quarrel with Atticus which sparks the most terminal crime of the novel. Being exposed to the real world more and more throughout the novel, still can 't prepare Jem for the next adversity he faces. On the night of Scout’s pageant, Jem is the only family member to attend, showing his persistent affection for his sister. On the way home Jem and Scout realize they are being followed. Jem is under the impression that Cecil Jacobs is the person behind them, until the silhouette begins to scuttle in the dark towards them. Scout stood no chance in the brawl and topples over leaving her in a feeble position for the rest of the brawl. Jem valiantly fends off Bob Ewell in the dead of night until his arm fractures and Bob Ewell lied on the ground stagnant. Eventually, after the brawl, Scout witnesses a large figure indistinguishable to a shadow, pick up Jem and proceed to the house. How can one so young expect an attack by a grown man who has his heart set on vengeance? In the end, if Bob Ewell had a quarrel with Atticus he should have met him, not his kids. Social and racial injustices contribute to numerous themes in the novel. These events impact many characters other than Jem, But the malevolent actions of the vindictive Bob Ewell had the most most abiding ramifications. These sporadic events helped develop and mold Jem into a more mature and sensible
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