Jeni Hetzke's 'Envy' By Yurii Olesha

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Paragraph 1: This excerpt comes from the story Envy by Yurii Olesha. In this excerpt there is an international game going on between the Germans and the Soviets. The German player, Hetzke, is supposed to be a superstar and can lead a team to victory by himself. On the other hand, the Soviet goalkeeper Volodya, is a team player and relies on his team to help him achieve success. This particular excerpt takes place right before the half. After many unsuccessful, Hetzke finally succeeds in scoring a goal over Volodya, and the crowd is stunned and amazed by the goal. This first part of the story underscores the tensions between capitalism and socialism. Hetzke represents capitalism as he is the only one on his team who goes on to score goals. He believes only the strong can succeed and takes it upon himself to do everything for the team. However, Volodya is of the socialistic attitude which relies on the whole team in order to do well. No one soccer player is better than the other in this case, and in order for them to win, all the soccer players have to work together in unison. In the second half of the excerpt, the protagonist, Kavalerov is involved. He is deeply in love with Valya, who in turn is in love with Volodya. Kavalerov is very mad and flustered that nothing is going his way. While deep in these thoughts, a ball comes flying his way, and Kavalerov is taken a back and doesn’t know what to do. Kavalerov’s awkwardness is in direct contrast to Volodya. Volodya represents

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