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A homunculus is commonly found within literature and pop culture, but there are different aspects of homunculi, all of which are worth exploring. You can take the definition of a homunculus incredibly loosely, or very strictly, the former of which I believe encompasses Ron Schneider, subject of the book From Dreamer to Dreamfinder, and the latter of which encompasses Jenna Fox from The Adoration of Jenna Fox. These two books both are very different but convey similar definitions toward that of a homunculus, one that comes out of reality, another out of imagination. The traits that Jenna Fox and Ron Schneider both carry, while not all homunculi are exactly the same, especially these two, they all translate them toward different sides of the…show more content…
Jenna began to realize her limits when she stated, “Each of us are bound by our own thoughts, seeing the edges of our limits, maybe seeing the edges of others. How far can we push” (Pearson iBook). Jenna realizes her shortcomings, and always questions how can we push our limits, but the key thing that she fails to do is act upon it, which brings further shortcomings. Ron Schneider, while still trying to push limits like Jenna Fox, acts upon the ways that he can push the limits he is given, all while conforming and adapting as necessary. He stated at one point in his memoir regarding a job with limited creativity, “If I am to give my people any creative input, it will have to be in selecting material from a pre-approved book. So I set about writing that book” (Schneider iBook). He wants to break the corporate boundaries set, and he found the work around and acted upon it revealing that his way of pushing the limits is by action, not by thought of possibility. These two homunculi (or should I say two-sided homunculus) does have many boundaries set, but while they also push for things, they are bound to give up on many things along their great

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