Jennah's Role In Nursing

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Jennah implemented ones role as a nurse in ways that reflect integrity, responsibility, ethical practices & evolving identity as a nurse committed to caring, advocacy and quality while adhering to evidence based practice by treating all individuals with dignity and respect. For example, what I could see, Jennah was nice to everyone. She was willing to step up and help out others.

Jennah demonstrated appropriate written, verbal and non-verbal communication in a variety of clinical contexts by using therapeutic communication to the team members and residents. For example, there was a resident that usually doesn’t enjoy waking up in the morning. Jennah was able to cheer up the resident and get her up for the day.

Jennah integrated knowledge
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For example, she went to all team members on the treatments that had been done and to gather information on the resident’s vital signs to give the nurse report at the end of the shift.

Jennah minimized the risk of harm to patients, members of health care team and self through safe, individual performance and participation in system effectiveness by maintaining a safe, effective care environment. For example, she made the team members know that if we needed help she was willing to help. Jennah was very organized so everyone knew what he or she was doing and everything got done in a adequate amount of time.

Jennah collaborated as an active member of a multidisciplinary health care team to provide patient care throughout the lifespan by applying conflict resolution and problem solving skills as appropriate. For example, Kendra and I had to leave early to help out with the bone marrow drive. Jennah was able to adapt well with that information and make sure Kendra and I had all our charting done in time to leave. Kendra and I provided information to Jennah about what treatments needed to be done. I believe there was one more thing that needed to be done once we
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For example, all information Jennah gathered from the team members she recorded on a sheet a paper. I know Jennah made sure Kendra and I documented all treatments and findings in the computer before we left.

1. My strong points during this week’s clinical were when I was able to give a resident an injection in the deltoid area. I believe I did a great job and I was able to provide more therapeutic communication this time talking the resident through the procedure.
2. An area I would like to improve on is knowing common side effects of different classes of medications. I can always improve my knowledge of medications. I am starting to make a little book of the different classes of medications and common side effects of each class.
3. My clinical goal for next week is to do a head to toe assessment on a resident and chart.
4. My plan to achieve my goal is to hopefully be able to have time to go on the Medicare side and do a head to toe assessment on a resident. This may be hard since there is only one day this upcoming week at the clinical

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