Jennet Humfyre In Susan Hill's The Woman In Black

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Susan Hill wrote The Woman in Black, a gothic novel set in the Nineteenth Century. It is about the fear of the unknown. We all know we like a good ghost story here and there. Well, this novel is full of fear and the unknown that will silence you. It will make you cringe with its supernatural events throughout the novel. As you read through the novel, you will be on the edge of your seat practically the whole time. Susan hill wrote a great horror story that became very popular very quickly. She had not written any book since her youngest daughter was born. Well she read a lot of ghost stories and wanted to write one herself, but what made her think was “ nobody writes these at length anymore” (Kate 1). So then she let her ideas marinade in her head and her main though was “ its hard to write a ghost story about a sunny day” (Adam 1). Well, a key ingredient was the weather. It’s one of the most important feature that makes a fearful ghost story. Susan hill gave it the suspense by easing into the story. She said, “you’ve got to turn the screw very, very slowly” (Adam 1). With all…show more content…
Well its accutally quite interesting, it all started when she had to give her son up. She ended up giving him to her sister and had to stay away. When it came time to se her son, there always had to be someone else present in the room. One day, her son went out to the lake and started to drown, but her sister watched from the window and didn’t do anything. He ended up dying and Jennet blamed her sister for her son’s death. Jennet loved her son so much that she was deciding to run away with him. Soon after she died too, but she didn’t leave town. She countinues to haunt the residents of the town and is full of frustration and rumor has it, when she is seen a child had died, “And whenever she has been seen…. In some violent or dreadful circumstances, a child
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