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Imagine taking care of five children at the age of seven, taking over the job of cooking, cleaning, bathing, and changing these younger children. Being the oldest girl, obtaining the role of “mommy” while parents work hard to keep the poor large family alive and well in the middle of Texas. Living a life such as this one can add strength and survival skills allowing the ability to be well versed in any circumstance. Jennetta Beatrice Taylor, a woman who has experienced this type of life first hand has caused her characteristics and morals towards her children absolutely remarkable. My Grandmother also knows as “Granny”, Is the first person I call in any circumstance whether it be big or small because this woman loves me more than she loves herself and she will always push me to do what is best for me.…show more content…
My grandmother saw me as an angel from God who was sent by him to be a new responsibility for her because her job with her first son was done and God needed him to go home. As the product of a teenage couple my parents were not the most responsible. Due to their lack of ability to care for me properly my grandmother took matters into her own hands and raised me as her own. Though a grandparent’s job is to also tend towards the child’s needs my grandmother took over completely. With a view of her as my mother she is always the first person I call with any challenge that I may have. With her decision to care for me completely we’ve developed a bond allowing me to trust her with all endeavors in my

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