Jenney Howe's Monologue Ridiculing Anti-Suffragists

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Marie Jenney Howe provides a monologue ridiculing anti-suffragists. Howe begins by stating a common shared thought all suffragist have: woman suffrage is unnatural. Howe begins ridiculing anti-suffragists by stating how it should be unheard of that there should be equality between the genders. It would irrational and a difficult concept to explain to children. Howe uses a satirized tone to mock the logic as to why women should be prevented from voting. The reasons given are illogical and conflicting with one another, therefore, Howe prompts you to choose one. The first reason as to why women should not be enfranchised: Women would not vote or would not leave the polls. Howe argues that women have no interest in voting and if given the right they would not partake in the elections. She also argues that women would forget their “civic duties” as a wife and abandon their home to partake in the elections. The second reason: women would vote for the same candidate as their husband or vote for the opposing party. Howe states that this would make enfranchising women pointless. If women vote for the same candidate as their…show more content…
Prior to the rise of these activist women were expected to marry, cook, clean, and birth children. All these things were seen as traditional values and a societal norm. However, as time went on more women started to challenge these norms and bend the boundaries. The rise of women rights activists inspired many women’s dormant voice was to speak volumes. It left many people uncomfortable and surprised. However, the start of this movement would pave the way for many societal changes. In some states women began fighting for children’s rights, and were successful in establishing laws protecting them. Other’s began to live and sustain themselves rather than rely on their husband. Activists such as Howe inspired many women to change and re-shape the nation they lived
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