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La Gran Señora
“The number of times I have fallen down is the number of times I have gotten up” this is one of the many inspirational quotes by Jenni Rivera. This unit we have been working on projects about people and movements, how they made a difference, and what legacy they have or they left. Jenni Rivera was a businesswoman, musician, reality tv star, activist, and a loving mother that made a difference in her community and the rest of the world.
Dolores Janney Rivera, better known as Jenni Rivera was born July 2, 1969 in Long Beach, California. Her parents were Rosa Saavedra and Pedro Rivera, who were immigrants who crossed the border illegally for a better life. According to her book, Unbreakable: My Story, My Way: A Memoir, her father
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She did well in school with straight A’s until she became pregnant at the age of fifteen with her first child Janney 'Chiquis' Marin Rivera which she supported by selling CDs at flea markets. Her parents booted her out of their house when she was pregnant with her first child and she later Married José Trinidad Marín following the birth of their first child Chiquis in 1985 and have two further children named Jacqueline and Michael before divorcing in 1992 due to domestic abuse. Re-married in 1997 to Juan López, with whom she had two children named Jenicka and Johnny, which she divorced in 2003 and married baseball star Esteban Loaiza in 2010, but they were going through divorce proceedings at the time of Jenni's death in 2012. Throughout her marriages she continued her career, by the time of her death she had produced 15 gold, 15 platinum and 5 double-platinum records but put her family above her…show more content…
In her earlier life when she was with her first husband she was a victim of domestic abuse, which later in her life made her start the Jenni Rivera Love Foundation, that helps women who have been the victims of violence, children with cancer, and immigrants, she was also a spokeswoman for the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Her success was not built on a life of privilege but rather one of hardship and struggle which made her want to help out the community and the community had a park named after her, Jenni Rivera Memorial Park in Long Beach, California, where she was from. She was nominated at the Latin Grammys three times in 2003, 2008 and 2010 and was later honoured with a star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars. Has a few companies including Divina Realty, Divina Cosmetics, Jenni Rivera Fragrance, Jenni Jeans, Divine Music and The Jenni Rivera Love Foundation. Her children continue their mother’s legacy, her daughter Jacqueline is president of the Jenni Rivera Love foundation, youngest son Johnny was co producer for his mother's album (The parts she had pre-recorded and some songs sang by family members including her daughter Chiquis) and tries to get involved as much as possible, all family contributes with helping out the companies, and they get involved with the community as much as

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