Jennifer Finney Boylan's The Overparenting Epidemic

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“If we never give our children permission to get things wrong...they’re unlikely to ever learn how to get things right” (Glass and Tabatsky xxi). Jennifer Finney Boylan discusses in The Overparenting Epidemic that when parents try to drive their child to be perfect and do not allow them to make mistakes, it usually results in children who fear taking risks or failing. Helicopter parents become too invested in the lives of their children by doing their best to prevent their child from experiencing failure or danger in any way. Although they believe that they are preventing their child from feeling sad or disappointed, they are actually causing destruction, damaging the child’s self esteem and creating trust issues. These hyper-vigilant parents, or over involved, restrict their child’s freedom as a result of having a fear based perspective on the world which causes the child to have anxiety and create the same fear.

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