Jennifer Roy's Yellow Star

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Yellow Star is a 2006 biographical children 's novel by Jennifer Roy. Written in free verse, it describes life through the eyes of a young Jewish girl whose family was forced into the Łódź Ghetto in 1939 during World War II. Roy tells the story of her aunt Sylvia, who shared her childhood memories with Roy more than 50 years after the ghetto 's liberation. Roy added fictionalized dialogue, but did not alter the story. The book covers Sylvia 's life as she grows from four and a half to ten years old in the ghetto. Sylvia, her older sister Dora, and her younger cousin Isaac were three of only twelve children who survived. In 1939, the Nazis invaded Poland and forced that nation 's second-largest community of Jews, 270,000 strong, into one…show more content…
Sylvia was one of only 12 children to survive. Based on her experiences and told from her perspective from the age of four through liberation as an eleven-year old in 1945, her observations bring the experience of the Jewish ghetto to life. A stunning, poetic recreation of a life lived within the horror that was the Holocaust.The book relates Sylvia 's explanations of what life in the ghetto is like: her friends, people around the ghetto, jobs, and her schedule. It relates how Sylvia 's family is forced to sell her doll, leaving her with rags and buttons as her playthings.Sylvia had playmates that she often played dolls with. One day, one of the girls she played with and was very close to disappeared.Nobody knew what happened to her or where she went, but they were sure the soldiers had something to do with it. The soldiers just kept shoving more and more thousands of jews in this harsh community. People often died of starvation, or freezing to death in their apartments, because they didn’t have heat. Also there were many sicknesses, and diseases, caused by the over population of people there in the ghetto. As a couple years go…show more content…
When the other Jewish children were sent to Chelmno.Time goes by and the ghetto is slowly becoming empty. “Every single evening, for over fifty years, Sylvia has said Kaddish—the prayer for the dead. She prays for her little friends Hava and Itka. Then she prays for all the others—uncles, cousins, neighbors, and strangers—who perished in the war. Their voices were silenced years ago. Now Sylvia has spoken up to remember them, and to share her memories so that we will never forget.” Then one day the Germans announced that each family was allowed to have one child. The Germans are losing the war against the Russians.The Germans have nearly killed all or the Jews. Then one day as the soldiers start loading up all of the Jews on trains again. They tell them that they 're going to a better place but somebody catches on and realize they were being sent to concentration camps to be killed off.As usual sylvia’s father comes up with a plan to save their little family, and a few others with children.Syvia 's family smuggled the children from cellar to cellar. Sylvia falls very weak because of the lack of food she’s been getting for so long. She passes out for 3 day. The adults do not stay with their children they just come to visit and bring them food. They adults have to work so nothing would fall out of place or get suspicious so the kids would be safe. One day it all changes, somebody has snitched the soldiers find the children, and go down in the cell and drag them out.
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