Jennifer Seizure Research Paper

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We all love our children, but what if our child had a problem with seizures. My girlfriend has a little girl. I would say plagued; Pandy would say difficult to handle. Jennifer is a sweet little girl, and I love her to death. She has was born with a condition called hydrocephalus: a condition where there is a build-up of spinal fluid in the brain. Jennifer was born with many health issues, but her seizures have spiked my interests because I have watched her and my girlfriend 's twin boys, while their mom has gone out. There is a bone-chilling fear that she may have a seizure while her mom is not there. How would I handle that situation would I do the right steps to ensure she would be okay. I have a son who had cancer he has been in remission…show more content…
Halloween will be here soon, and Jennifer will not be able to do many of the things others may enjoy, unfortunate for her she can not be scared, be around strobe lights or loud noises, haunted attraction are out of the question. All of these situations could cause her to have a seizure. So how many of life’s experiences Jennifer will have to avoid due to her condition? Pandy and I have talked about going to haunted attractions: Pandy will say ” I will make arrangements for someone to watch Jennifer.” Pandy is more in tune with the needs of Jennifer than I am. I need to start thinking about Jennifer, and her needs. Watching Jennifer is a treat, she wants to be right beside you at all times. That is a blessing for me because I can keep a close eye on her. Jennifer needs to be a little girl; I try to get her to go and play. How can she be so happy just sitting beside me and not playing? Jennifer is used to the additional attention, but this also can be a deterrent of her having a childhood. I want Jennifer to have a childhood like other kids…show more content…
Pandy needs help with, an opinion of someone looking in on her situation, and not having any experience with seizures. I know it can be scary for Pandy to let loose of her grasp on Jennifer, being over cautious is punishing Jennifer and a whole lot of extra work for Pandy. Pandy can let go a little; she is starting to see the effects of pampering Jennifer. She takes advantage of her mom at times: she will not do tasks that she is capable of doing for herself, take a bath, cover herself up to name a couple. Jennifer will be ten in a month; my son is ten right now this shows me the difference in how much he can do compared to her. I understand Jennifer has medical issues; Pandy needs to make her more independent, or she will be doing everything for Jennifer all the time. Do not get me wrong; this is not me complaining. I can see Pandy’s frustration she does not get a moment 's rest with her being an only parent having twin boys, and Jennifer and all her medical problems. I am glad to have this difference of opinion for Pandy to reflect on. Pandy can hear what I have to say, and I can listen to her reasoning for why she is treating Jennifer that
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