Jennifer's Body: Movie Analysis

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“Hell is a teenage girl” (Jennifer’s Body). The movie Jennifer’s Body portrays the typical high school friendship between two teenage girls, but with a twist. This 2009 fantasy/horror film begins by showing how two small-town girls from “Devil’s Kettle”, Jennifer and Anita, become best friends in elementary school. The movie then fast forwards to the girls in high school, where every hormonal teenage girl is trying to figure their life out. Jennifer is now the beautiful cheerleader that every guy dreams of hooking up with, however, Anita, otherwise known as “Needy,” is a bit of an insecure outsider, but the two girls do not let high school social standards get in the way of their longtime friendship. During a night out on the town, the girls go to see an up-and-coming Indie rock band at a bar and Jennifer tries seducing the lead singer. After the bar…show more content…
Kusama has directed several movies such as Girlfight, with Michelle Rodriguez, and Aeon Flux, with Charlize Theron Both movies contain prominent actresses, who are well-known for their empowering female characters. Kusama didn’t stray far from this trend in creating Jennifer’s Body. Megan Fox, who plays Jennifer, is known for the numerous fierce and compelling characters she has portrayed during her career. Along with Jennifer’s Body, Diablo Cody is known for composing the scripts of the movies: Juno, Young Adult, Paradise, and her upcoming film Barbie. All of these renowned movies contain a female lead who has to overcome an obstacle. Diablo Cody became highly invested in writing movies that emphasize women empowerment after spending much of her life misinterpreted and subject to harassment because of her past occupation as an exotic dancer. ( These two brilliant women use the character of the beautiful, supreme, and seductive Jennifer to illustrate the underlying theme of women
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