Jenny Jones Rape Case Study

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Genre Piece 3- Newspaper A rape case resulting in a cold hit is described in the newspaper. In it a woman named Jenny Jones was sexually assaulted 20 years ago and has never received justice until now. Her rape was a cold hit along with several other victims. Jones’s rape case had gone cold because her rape kit had been left to gather dust and was deemed no longer recent enough to bother with. This displays the need for better testing of these rape kits, because if they do not get tested within a timely fashion, many others could become victim to the same rapist just like in the newspaper. One of the victims of Jones’s rapist is also a male showing that both men and women can be raped. Throughout the US thousands of rape kits are left untested. Each one represents a victim of sexual assault waiting for justice, and by leaving the kits untested the criminal is able to walk free and hurt others like in Ms. Jones’s case. After Jones was raped several others were raped after her, but those rapes could have been…show more content…
One of these reasons is the cost. Each kit costs $1000 to test and not many departments can afford that. The cost also takes away money for resources the department may need as well as taking away funding for more urgent crimes. In addition, some victims refuse to pursue the case for fear of the offender. Another reason is that a small fraction of victims, are not actually victims. Some make up a story to cover up for something else. In which case the victim is proven to be false, the kit should be thrown away, but if the victim is afraid of their offender, then the police should still pursue the case, but place the victim under witness protection. Hopefully by protecting the victims of sexual assault, more will feel it safe to report the crime. In the meantime, more kits should be tested to place the true criminals behind
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