Jenny River: A Case Study Of Jenny Rivers

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Jenny Rivers has spent the last three months travelling and exploring Australia. When she arrives at Silverton in New South Wales and sees some men trying to capture wild brumbies, she steps in and ends up getting hurt. Blue Reynolds knows as soon as he smells and sees Jenny that she is his mate, but since he 's in wolf form he can 't very well change back to his human form to help the injured woman, so he calls his Beta cousin Joe for help. Joe finds out that Jenny is also his mate and they take her back to their home to care for her and hopefully talk her into staying with them instead of continuing her travels. But when Blue inadvertently changes from wolf to man right before her eyes, the two men think there is no hope she will ever agree to be their mate. Jenny is hysterical and in shock…show more content…
Jenny is planning to leave even though she is very attracted and drawn to both men, but when she hears Blue and Joe talking to Jay about how much they love her, she decides

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