Jenny Wirkman Case Study Paper

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Jenny Kirkman is a brilliant aspiring high school that is trying to make some decisions concerning her future. She is thinking about going into the medical field and needs some advice on how much the return on her investment along with a personal satisfaction from becoming doctor. This paper will examine the opportunity cost, return on investment, and how much personal satisfaction Jenny will gain from entering medical school.
Economic Principles.
There are many areas that will determine in Jenny should attend medical school. One of the major factors is the income she can possible earn once she achieves her degree. The average salary for a physician in Atlanta, GA is $188,158. The salary for a family practice ranges from $165,735 to $215,944 (Jolly, P. 2005). These numbers all depend on the size of the practice, number of clients the practice intakes, location, number of years in experience, and the amount of education. A general average for the amount of patients a practice cares for is around 1,500, which is on the high side. The lower number of patients is the ideal, because the physician builds a rapport with the clients. If the practice
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The average cost for four years of medical school at a private institute is $278,455, and at a public school is $207,866 (Best Medical Schools, 2015). The amounts students spend on medical school tuition and the amount of debt the medical school student acquire have dramatically increased in the past twenty years. To offset this spike, the loans companies have made the terms of the loan more favorable which will allow aspiring students to seek a medical degree. In the terms of an investment, gaining an education in the medical field is a great choice. The net value has amounted to more than a million dollars (Jolly

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