Jenny's Wedding Film Analysis

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In the movie Jenny’s wedding there are five man characters going through a transition that shocks the foundation of the family system. The characters of the movie include Jenny, Eddie her father, Rose her mother, Anne her sister, and Michael her brother (Donoghue, 2015). The family is conservative upper-class, and continues to annoy Jenny with questions about her dating life since she is already in her thirties. When Jenny decides that she is ready to get married to Kitty she decides that it is time for her to tell her parents that she is gay. Her mother wants Jenny to keep quiet about getting married to a woman since she is concerned what people in the neighborhood will say. Jenny’s father at the beginning seems to not have a problem with her being gay; however, he supports his wife and agrees that the marriage should be a secret until Rose knows what to say to others. Later…show more content…
Jenny deciding to come out to her family and Anne deciding that she is not happy with her marriage are the precipitating events that are shown. Strengths in the family include ability to talk to each other about the problems affecting the family system. Potential limitations comprise of Rose and Eddy feeling that they cannot talk to others in the community for fear of embarrassment, Anne does not talk about her issues about her marriage with anyone else in the family, and Jenny loses support from her parents after telling them she wanted to marry her girlfriend. By using the concepts of structural family therapy with the movie Jenny’s wedding understanding of the theory will be explained. Within the theory-specific case conceptualizing the role of the system in the family the family shows signs of ineffectual challenger of symptoms. This is presented when Jenny’s family becomes passive about the news of her being gay; they do not challenge her in order to maintain the family structure as long as she does not tell other
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