Jensales Law Argumentative Essay

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The law should be that if both people give consent, you can have sex any age 15 and up. This new and improved consent law will be named the “15 and up Jensales Law.” In California, the consent law states that anyone who has sex under the age of 18 can be convicted of statutory rape, even if both people give consent. Also, the larger the age difference, the bigger the offense. So if two people are less than 3 year apart when they have sex, it is a misdemeanor, but if they are more than 3 year apart it is considered a felony. According to, 70 percent of all teenagers are having consensual sex by the time they are 19, even though they are constantly being told not to. This shows that teens are going to be having sex to matter what, and it's not fair to consider them a sex offender for wanting to be intimate with the person they love. In order to prevent innocent teenagers from being titled as rapists for the rest of their lives, the “15 and up Jensales Law,” should be created. Statistics from the “Juvenile Justice Bulletin,” by Jeff Slowikowski show that one third of all rape cases (35.6%) are committed by minors. If we lower the consent age, it would result in less rape cases. Additionally, it wouldn’t be considered rape because both partners would have given consent. It’s true, a lot of underaged girls give…show more content…
It’s unfair to punish teenagers for something so natural, especially if they are doing it safely and with consent. And while most adults would be concerned about dropping the age of consent to 15, any teenager will tell you that it shouldn't be illegal. Young adults already have so much going on in their lives, they don't want to worry about their significant other going to jail because someone found out they had sex. Anyone above the age of 15 is most
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