Jensi Ocampo Sorto Research Paper

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I am Jensi Ocampo Sorto and I live in Minnetrista, Minnesota. I currently live with my big family in a peaceful house. My parents are from Honduras and they speak Spanish just like the rest of my family.They never graduated from college so they motivate me to live the life I have imagined. I have three unique sisters and one brother. My older sister, Greysi, is 24 years old and she graduated with a Bachelor 's Degree in Arts. Neysi is 22 years old and she is currently attending Northwestern University. My younger sister is 14 and my only brother is 10 years old. I am the shy middle child surrounded by loving parents and fun siblings. Once people get to know me, I am friendly and outgoing. I previously went to Chaska High School before I decided
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