Jeremiah And Rebecca's Relationship Essay

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Enger had Rebecca, the biblical character, in mind while describing Roxanna. Enger not only had the character Jeremiah in mind for describing a biblical character, but also had Roxanna in mind. There are many ties between Roxanne and Rebecca such as their generosity at first meet, having her chance to leave her home, her marriage situation, and more. Rebecca 's story starts off almost the same as when the Lands and Roxanna met.
The story of Rebecca starts off by meeting a servant take her away so she may be wed, and to a man she had never seen before, and offered the servant and his camels water until they are satisfied. This is comparison to Roxanna because Roxanna had never met the Lands, and the gas station was even closed on that Sunday, yet she offered gas, oil, and even a place to stay, in Genesis 24:16, Rebecca is described as beautiful, which Jeremiah and the narrator (Reuben) portray her as. On pages 243-244 Jeremiah changes his behavior and by dressing nicer because he wants to impress what is a beautiful girl in his eyes.
Rebecca had the choice to leave her home to marry a
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Jeremiah and Roxanna had much love for each other and was a lovely love story. Rebecca and Isaac were described,as a love story in the article written by Bible Gateway authors. One similarity between the two husbands is that in Genesis 26:18-25 it describes how Issac would do anything to avoid a fight. The same situation happened to Jeremiah, where his former boss had just fired him and was inadvertently attempting to start a fight, where Jeremiah responded by “touching Holgren’s face and pulled away. It was the oddest little slap you ever saw.” What I take this as they both are very peaceful men who love and serve God. Both of these men are widely respected and Jeremiah is not only compared to Jesus in this book but also Isaac, the husband of
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