Jeremy Bentham's Theory Of Utility And Punishment

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Jeremy Bentham's theory of Utility and Punishment is one of greatest yet failed phisdophys I have ever read. At one point it acturly lays out rules for understand and responding to crimes,however, while making clear rules that cover crimes generally. Bentham oversteps in how he defines punishment and how that affects his argument in a negative making his argument less effective. Bethmen splits his theory into two section ‘General View of cases Unmeet for Punishment’ and ‘Of The Proportion Between Punishment and Offence’. In the the first section Bentham lays out general cases for punishment. The First case he sets out is that the law is there to augment happiness of the community. The second was that punishment was mishef or/and…show more content…
This part countain 6 rules the first is to make crime unprobtile or has he puts it “outweigh the profit of the offense”(59). This is to scary most people straight so to speak. The second rule is to focus on the bigger offense then the lesser one. The third rule is if someone must commit a crime the object is to have the offender choose the lesser crime.The fourth rule is once the offender as committed the ctime the next object is to stop them from doing that crime again. This done by punishing them in every aspect of the crime. For example, if a person robs a bank with an illegal firearm they would be punished for owning a firearm and the atpeted robbery. The fifth rule is to do all this for a cheap price. The sixth rule is the most simple taller each punishment to each…show more content…
Upon the principle of utility, if it at ought at all to be admitted, it ought only to be admitted in as far as it promise to exclude some greater evil” (58). There are several aspects why this statement is incredible wrong. The first is that punishment is mischief or evil. The problem one can run into is that a doctor would never cure cancer by injecting one with ebola.If one was to relate crime as a disease then they can understand that crime is evil and therefore a disease and if punishment is evil and therefore a diese one can run into problems. Additionally punishment by itself cannot exist. Punishment is a reaction to a crime without crime it a different entity,
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