Jeremy Jones Case Study Questions

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A: I believe Jeremy Jones falls in to the typology Angels of death because firstly he was working as a nurse´s aid and murdered patients at the hospital he was working at. Angels of death are usually people working as a caretaker, and their victimology is victims that can´t defend themselves properly and are vulnerable. This fits Mr. Jones because his victimology was patients at the hospital he was working at, and since his victims were patients they were vulnerable as well. The angel of death only strikes when the offender has control and power of their victim, which Mr. Jones has because all of his victims was hospitalized. One could see that Mr. Jones was an Angel of death on the way he was murdering his victims. He used different techniques, but did most often use some kind of suffocation, which is one of the most usual murder techniques with an Angel of death.…show more content…
Smith would fit the best was that he is either a lust serial killer, thrill serial killer or power control killer. But, I came soon to realize that he wouldn 't fit the typology of being a lust serial killer since they are often overkilling their victims, which Mr. Smith didn 't do. This information left me with two typologies left. Both the thrill and power control serial killer tortures their victims, moves the bodies, have specific victims and uses strangulation, just as Mr. Smith. But, I believe that Mr. Smith would fall into the typology of a thrill serial killer. A thrill serial killer could in other words be called a ”sexual sadist”. This type of offenders motivation is about sex and torture. This offender wants his victims to be alive when he tortures them, because he will lose interest in the victims if they are dead. Mr. Smith tortured his victims while they were alive, which means he wanted to see them suffer and after his victims died he didn 't show interest in them, just as the thrill serial
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