Jeremy Kyle Character Analysis

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To understand the life of Jeremy Kyle. you first need to understand Jeremy Kyle, Jeremy Kyle is an award winning British television show looking at the drama that seems to happen each episode he deserves more than just an award. Each day Jeremy faces tough challenges to give help to the participants of the show… Of course not everyone sees it as help many critics give their idea of the show as a joke, a way to laugh at other peoples misfortune critics give the Jeremy Kyle show a very bad name. Being on the air for nearly ten years Jeremy has learned to fight back he has mentions the hate he receives from the critics in many shows and he tells the audience of how they are wrong! We experienced one of his thrilling episodes called “Ill prove your not the dad-my brother is” this episode only hits the borderline of bad other episodes that Jeremy has faced can come a lot worse than…show more content…
But he soon sorted that out. Some would say this was a bad episode because of the violent words aspiring from there vicious mouths. others would say this is one of Jeremy’s finer episodes as there was no brawling just a bunch of overgrown idiots arguing. Many people would say that this show is amazing due to the arguments and ‘hilarious stories’ others find this hard to watch, as its upsetting and distracting because of all the fighting Jeremy sometimes can’t get down to the real point. Also others such as critics find the Jeremy Kyle show as a joke to mock people with their problems. Overall I think this show is great is sometimes goes on a bit with all the arguing, but I think it funny and good to watch I do sometimes think it is upsetting but it is good how he tries to help others not only with their problems. At Christmas he gives children that do not have much an opportunity to have fun I think for this and other reasons he is a good man and he means
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