Jeremy Visick Analysis

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Suspenseful. Mysterious. Adventurous. Were all three characteristics of the book Jeremy VIsick by David Wiesman. When Matthew stumbles into the graveyard by accident, he finds a mysterious grave. He then tries to figure out Jeremy Visicks story and anything else he can find about the Visicks. It takes him on a suspenseful mission to a place you could never imagine. In the book Jeremy Visick by David Wiseman there is a main conflict, setting, characters, and techniques of fantasy they used. The main conflict in this story is when Matthew tries to figure out the mystery of Jeremy Visick. It starts out in the Second Chapter when Jeremy is going blackberry picking he falls into the graveyard when climbing a tree. He starts to look around and…show more content…
In Jeremy Visick there were a lot of characters, while reading there were some characters were not mentioned as much but still an important part of the story. If the author had not carefully planned out each teacher in the school it would have seemed like there was only one teacher in the school, “Now , Clemens, a voice boomed from within,and Matthew tremblingly entered” (115). This shows that Matthew had heard about the principal and was somewhat scared of him. The author had to think about this character and how it would act. Even for this small of a role. The author had lot’s of options to make the principal and only the perfect fit would make the story make sense. Another example is his sister another small but important part. Matthew tries to sneak out to see Jeremy he is always worried that his sister will hear him when he is sneaking out. “Mam. It was Janet’s voice. What’s the matter? It’s Matthew. Susan was out of bed now and gathering her dressing gown to her. She left her somnolent husband and joined Janet” (36-37).This is a part where Janet was very important because she was always waking up when Matthew would sneak out.If she would not have been there Matthew could have really gotten lost. Another example is, Mr. Thomas “Samples of rock from almost every mine within a five-mile radius” (44). This is where Matthew finds a lot of information about Wheal Maid if the author hadn’t carefully thought about Mr. Thomas the story would have been very different. This goes for all of the characters in the story to run smoothly the characters have to fit
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