Jerk Population Research Paper

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We have a solution that will solve this problem that many women are plagued with today. There will be no more broken hearts, tears or pain. How can we accomplish this you wonder? This is not a simple fix and it cannot be accomplished overnight. This solution will require years of jerk population control. If we start phasing out the jerks with the new generation of males we prevent any more from joining the current population. Thus, after years have passed the jerk population will die off. Let’s start at the beginning. First, we will segregate schools by males and females. Each school will have different curriculum being taught. Females will go to school to gain more knowledge, while males are attending school to have their developing traits assessed in addition to…show more content…
He would not turn it down so he gets on a plane to his ultimate demise. We could even appeal to their want for women by telling a male who enjoys being around the ladies that he has won a weekend getaway to an all-women’s resort. Contrary to what you may believe we do not want to get rid of the whole male population because we need them to continue the human race. We just want to remove the jerks and brutes that cause women pain and heartache. The quiet, smart and polite guys will be able lead normal lives and live amongst the rest of the female population. If you think about it, what women would not want a kind and smart guy? This is not a world where women run everything and men do not exist. Women and men will coexist happily because there will be no men there to hurt and or treat women badly. Mothers will not be disappointed in the way their sons treat females, nice guys will not finish last and females will no longer be hurt in anyway. Everyone will be happy and nobody loses. This is the
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