Jermaine Cole Speech Analysis

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Jermaine Cole was the first artist to go double platinum with no features for two albums. If you do not know who I am talking about, most people know him by his artist name J Cole. As he became more well known, he was asked to speak at Harvard University. Being J Cole he did not want this a big social media outbreak, luckily I found the speech on YouTube. The purpose of the speech was to just share what hip-hop is and how did he do it. Eventually the speech turned into a conversation with the students and he was sharing everything, “it got deep” J Cole said. Jermaine hit logical points in the first minute of his speech, then he carries it into his emotions and how at a young age things made him feel different, but in between it all he includes pathos by sharing stories about his journey. In the first minute Jermaine says he wanted to be in the NBA when he was older, just like most boys wanting to be in the professional league. Right after he talks about that he talks about the feeling that when he raps he feels like he is the best. Later in the speech, he talks about a…show more content…
He tells a success story about a time he heard something he never heard before and as I said in the first paragraph he kept messaging the guys because it is what he wanted, so he chased it. “He didn’t know how I worked” (pt. 2/5 4:20). When Jermaine went to the showing they had he was brought on to stage, rapped in front of the crowd, and then the group of guys ask him to come to their recording studio. Of course he asked him mom because he was only fourteen, but he eventually went. Overall, this story relates to ethos by telling a success story that happened to J Cole. In this speech ethos is almost apart of every word sentence that comes out of Jermaine’s mouth. Every story he tells shares emotion and his success or how he became
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