Jerry Gergich Case Summary

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This morning’s press conference about the new founds dedicated to the Parks and Recreation Department, was held to answer questions about the money and whether or not it was given under false pretenses. The money that was initially given to the Parks and Recreations department was to enforce tighter security in local parks when one of their own employees was injured. Local officials say that early on Saturday morning Jerry Gergich, the employee in question, had sustained multiple injuries including a dislocated shoulder and a black eye, while in a local park feeding the humming bird feeders as part of his job. Mr. Gergich claimed he was mugged by two unknown assailants on Saturday morning when giving his statement to police officers when…show more content…
Gergich’s injuries the Parks and Recreation Department received $1,000 from the city to use towards lights, cameras and other security precautions to increase the safety and vigilance in the parks in and around Pawnee, Indiana. Many of the park rangers where very pleased to hear about the increased budget to keep their parks safe. Sources say that once Ms. Knope heard about the money that was going to the parks, she immediately began to make plans for increased security. Park rangers say that Ms. Knope and her team, including Mr. Gergich, went on a tour around the park were Mr. Gergich claimed to be mugged. Once there, park rangers say that Mr. Gergich spoke to Ms. Knope and another Parks and Recreation employee, Tom Haverford, the man who leaked the true information about Mr. Gergich’s injuries.

After further investigation and inquiry from the tip, local officials have revealed more information that is inconstant to the initial statement made by Mr. Gergich. Local officials discovered a videotape from bystanders at the park where Mr. Gergich was allegedly mugged, showing Mr. Gergich being pulled by his dog and falling in the pond on his shoulder going after some food he had dropped. It is unknown at this point whether or not Mr. Gergich was intentionally trying to get for the Parks and Recreation Department or is Ms. Knope was fighting for the money the whole

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